Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jersey Mike's Fundraiser....

WOW, last night's Fundraiser at Jersey Mike's was so much fun! The amount raised last night was....drum roll please...........over $500.00!!!! YEEHAW!!!! Thank you SO much to everyone who came out & helped make last night a success!! Thank you Staff of Jersey Mike's for ALL the hard work you guys put in last night & all the hard word you've put in to make this fundraiser happen! Thank you everyone who spread the word about the event! Now on to Sunday's event, it is going to be AWESOME! This Sunday (the 6th), the same Jersey Mike's is having a donation day event. From NOON-to-4, any donation of $1.00 or more will get you a FREE sub!!! Yes, that's right, a FREE sub! These guys are giving me ALL of the donated $$ & giving you FREE subs. The local news station will be covering the event. Jersey Mike's will have a bouncy house & face painting for the kids too that day, so come out after Church & bring the family because it is going to be a blast!! It is only 2 months until I leave for the new treatment & I am getting more excited and more nervous. Oh the thoughts of "living" again....honestly, I wish that everyone could really understand what that means to me. Imagine living every day of your life knowing that you are on borrowed time. You should by all intents be dead. You have children who cry almost every day, asking you if "you will be alive at Christmas or if you will be alive at their birthday because they don't want to celebrate if you are going to be dead." You try your best not to think about it, but you know that you actually may Not be there for Christmas, you may Not be there for their birthday. You know that in planning for next year, you have to make contingency plans for if You are not going to be around. And it's a stretch to even consider thinking of graduation for the oldest which is only 2 years away. You look at your children each day & yearn to be able to watch them grow up. You try to imagine what they will look like when they are adults because you know that you will not see that. You wonder about the woman who will take your place. Will she cook better that you, will your husband love her more than he loved you. Will she love your children as much as you do. Is she pretty, is she nice, is she like me? But then an opportunity comes along in a treatment that may save your life. This treatment is incredibly expensive...much more than you can ever possibly afford. BUT it might save your life. The thoughts of seeing your children graduate flood your mind....being able to watch them grow up....being there to watch them marry & to love the one they choose (that you've been praying for ever since your child was born) hold your grow old with your spouse. Can it be you? Everyone else around you has those chances & think nothing of them, but don't and oh how you would give the world to have them. Financially, it is out of reach. Do you try anyway? Do you give the world to get this treatment? OF COURSE YOU DO! Truly words can NOT express what it means to me to have the chance to LIVE again instead of just Fighting for my Life! How wonderfully blessed I have been to have been able to live this long when my prognosis was so grim. God has been so merciful to me, as undeserving as I am. And what a blessing He has given me with this opportunity to go to the clinic in TX. It is my wish that you could FEEL, just for a moment, the emotional blessing of this all. Thank you SO very much for helping to fulfill this blessing by helping me get there!! Thank you for helping to save my life!

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